A little about Andrew

In this episode of Product Marketing Life, host Mark Assini is joined by Andrew Hatfield, Founder and Marketing Strategist at Deepstar Strategic.

Andrew is a Go-to-Market specialist and has over 25 years of experience working across startup, enterprise, and governmental organizations. He has a track record of launching new products, scaling startups, building teams, and turning businesses around.

Plus, as a voice-of-customer fanatic, he focuses on solving problems that customers really care about.

Andrew is the Product Marketing Ambassador for Australia and an Expert-in-Residence trainer. He has now founded Deepstar Strategic - a market fit consultancy that helps customers find message-market fit.

Key talking points

During their chat, Andrew and host Mark Assini discussed the concept of message-market fit.

Andrew provides a very clear overview of what it is and how important it is for product marketers to help their company get it right. He also gives practical guidance on how to evaluate message-market fit, and how to identify when your messaging may need updating.

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