Yikes. Incredibly accurate scenes of our faces when we realized we hit 32,000+ people with an email that wasn’t supposed to be sent to...anyone.

Anyhoo, while we’re in your inbox and on the subject of ambassadors, let’s chat about our Mastering Product Marketing subscription...

...Which is where you can see several of our ambassadors in action.

(See what we did there?)

As we all know, continuous L&D is essential not just for your personal and professional empowerment, but for the sustained growth of your product and company.

Mastering Product Marketing is designed to:

👉 Revolutionize your way of working,
👉 Arm you with systematic approaches to core PMM principles, and
👉 Equip you with tried and tested strategies - year-round.

Learn from the likes of Dropbox, Unbounce, Pendo, Airtable, and more.

Level-up in everything from segmentation to personas to CI to customer research.

Master Product Marketing



P.s. Tamara, Yoni, Bree, Elliott, and Sapphire are all PMA ambassadors.

P.p.s Apologies for infiltrating your inbox twice in the space of 2 hours.