Jameelah Calhoun is the Global Head of Product Marketing at Eventbrite. At the time of this presentation for the Masters of Product Marketing in October 2021, she was the Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Audible. Catch up on the presentations from this event using our OnDemand service.

My name is Jameelah Calhoun. I currently serve as the Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Audible. In this article, I wanted to share some key strategies for establishing your product hierarchy. A product hierarchy is critical to defining your value proposition and delivering powerful messaging to your customers.

My goal here is not only to define this particular framework but really to leave you with some key tips that’ll ultimately impact your business and your customers.

Main talking points:

But before we get into the main topic of this article, I wanted to share a little bit of background on myself and my journey into product marketing.

About me

Well, it was quite a winding path! I started my career in finance, where I really got the foundation of bringing analytical rigor and understanding trends in our data. I then applied that into strategy consulting in roles where I was able to create narratives and frameworks around how to understand the market.

As a general manager, I was responsible for driving the bottom line of a business,  was a part of the business development efforts, and was lucky enough to be on the frontline of pitching to clients.

An image of Jameela, which states her job, and it is titled "my product marketing journey", with an image of a road which leads from Finance, to Strategy Consulting, to General Manager, to Product Marketing, to Product, then back to Product Marketing.

That led me to a role that centered around product marketing in a B2B environment where I was tasked with translating customer needs, from the frontline sales team to the product management team.