At The Alliance, our range of fast-growing communities are dedicated to educating, supporting, and uplifting individuals within different sectors.

For example, product marketers (PMA), sales enablement professionals (SEC), product leaders (PLA), and customer success experts (CSC) all benefit from the content we create and the connections we foster.

Because of this, we need various platforms to help inform and onboard our customers as effectively as possible. When we came across Beamer, we knew we’d found the right fit.

Beamer is a product marketing platform designed to help organizations update and engage their users effortlessly.

When speaking to the Content Team at The Alliance, we found a recurring theme for what we found most useful about Beamer.


With other platforms, it can be rather complicated to understand how to actually upload and publish a piece of content.

However, Beamer is very intuitive and easy to use. As soon as you log in, you can see what you need to do, where you need to click to create a new post, how to add your copy, and so on. No bells and embellishments, it’s simple and straightforward.

“Stick your copy in, press send, and it’s live.”
Daniel O’Dowd, Copywriter for Sales Enablement Collective.

We’re able to promote our products and content without worrying about how it’s being communicated to our audience.

Nice to look at

Along with it having an easy user experience, it also has a clean interface - both on the front and back ends. When it’s on the website, the “what’s new” tab sits with the rest of your navigation bar, and you immediately see when there’s a new notification.

Plus, when you click to open the tab, it doesn’t open into a new page, instead, it slides from the right-hand side of your page. You don’t have to worry about reopening the website - so, it’s nice and easy for your customers to navigate, use, and look at as well.

Simple yet effective metrics

Maintaining these themes of simplicity - the metrics and data, which are very important for marketing within any company, are very easy to find.

You don’t have to go searching for what you need within the platform. It’s all right there in front of you.

Within the Content Team, our main focus is on the number of clicks and unique views that each Beamer post gets. This way, we’re able to see which pieces of copy are of interest to our customers, where they’re being taken within the site, and what could perhaps be improved upon to capture more interest and engagement.

Quick and effective customer feedback

Within the platform, you’re also given the opportunity to get customer feedback from your posts by enabling comments, reactions, and social media sharing. The ability to engage with these posts is right at your customer’s fingertips, making it easy for both parties to connect and communicate.

Great marketing tools

In addition to the notifications tool, which we spoke about in point two, Beamer has three other great tools that product marketers can use:

Changelog - With this feature, we can notify users about product changes i.e. new launches, bug fixes, announcements, etc. It’s super helpful in identifying which of our announcements are performing the best, but also in indicating to the user what they should be paying attention to.

NPS - Here, we’re able to send user surveys and understand our users through actionable feedback. We can also keep track of these results through the months, to measure how customer satisfaction is changing.

Roadmap & Feature Request - Having a roadmap is helpful in organizing projects and tracking the status of each stage. The feature request tool is handy for letting our users suggest things that will benefit them, so we can truly focus on our user’s needs and make them as happy as possible.


Just like it says on their site, we’re able to update and engage our users with little to no effort which makes it significantly easier when you have a large workload.