2020 Product Marketing Salary Survey | US results

Product marketers from the US made up just over two-thirds of respondents to our survey this year, roughly the same proportion as in 2019. Due to the large representation of US PMMs and the growing emergence of the role within the US we thought it fair to dedicate a stand-alone report to those respondents.

Here are a few facts from our US results:

🇺🇸 Those working in the US are paid the most in the world, particularly in the states of California and Washington.

👨‍💼 Men are still outearning women on average.

💪 71% of PMMs believe they have strong leadership support and most would rate their salary satisfaction at a 6.8 out of 10.

The value of the report

We created this report to empower PMMs in the US with the knowledge to pave a lucrative and fulfilling career in product marketing - because at the end of the day, that’s what PMA is all about.

You can use the data in this report to guide you if you’re at a crossroads in your career and wondering what the best direction is. For example, if you’re considering upping sticks for another state, take a look at the average pay for that state for a rough idea of what you could expect. Or if you’re considering taking a promotion at another company or in another industry, have a look at the average salaries there to help you make that decision.

But what about my specific salary, we hear you cry. Never fear, we’ve provided a handy calculator at the end of the report so you can directly compare your salary with your peers in the PMM world. It’s a whole host of empowering information at your fingertips.

Hungry for more?

We’ve a whole host of exclusive reports that paint a very precise picture of Product Marketing, including The State of Product Marketing Report, which delves specifically into the responsibilities and structure of the role, and Product Marketing perceptions among the C-suite which, as the name suggests, takes a closer look at how the PMM function interacts with company leadership.

And it’s never too early to contribute to our next survey. If you have any ideas on what we should include let us know at this email address: bryony@pmmalliance.com.