Product marketing perceptions among the C-suite

Since our inception, we’ve done a lot to understand and elevate the role of product marketing from the inside out. This time, we wanted to look at the role from a different lens - through the eyes of the C-suite.

So, we put ourselves in front of 173 execs and got to work on understanding things like:

  • Are they aware of the role full stop? (Spoiler alert: most of them are (phew!))
  • How do they describe the role of a product marketer?
  • How much support do they provide their PMM function?
  • What do they think a product marketer’s career progression should look like?

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A sneak-peek of what’s inside:

👎🏻 1 in 10 execs who don’t have a PMM function haven’t heard of the role
♞ 67% say product marketing is a strategic position
🙋 67% always invite product marketing to leadership meetings
💪 The average level of support given by execs, to PMMs, is 8.5/10
📢 C-suiters put product marketers’ level of influence at 7.6/10

And here’s a nice feel-good quote pulled from page 36:

“Good product marketing is invaluable. At many of the early-stage start-ups I have personally worked with, this has been a hole and the pain is felt throughout the company. Good product marketing is mission-critical, and good product marketing people are extremely valuable.”

👆 Don’t worry, there’s tons more where that came from inside.


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