2021 Product Marketing Salary Survey | US results


The US is a hotbed for product marketing, so we've produced a specialist report delving into the earning potential of PMMs in the US of A.

Sneak peek: California is the most lucrative state for PMMs; the average baseline salary is $169,224.

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2021 Product Marketing Salary Survey | Results
Over the last three years, we’ve surveyed 6,000+ PMMs to create the most comprehensive outline of PMM salaries on the market. We’ve scoured the globe for responses, and put together not one, not two, but three versions: the global edition, the US edition, and the European edition.

A selection of the key findings

💰 The average US baseline salary is $146,407 before taxes.
🤑 California is the most lucrative state for PMMs; the average baseline salary is $169,224.
💰 Product marketers in North Carolina earn $23,591 in bonuses alone - more than any other location.
🕺 Most PMMs (65.5%) think their salary reflects their value.
🧔 On average, male PMMs earn $7,905 more than female PMMs, before tax.

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🎁 Plus, a product marketing salary calculator

As well as the endless insights included in the report, we’ve also included a handy product marketing salary calculator so you can compare your exact salary to others in your job role and region.

Product marketing salary calculator | Product Marketing Alliance
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