Have you ever wondered how your salary stacks up against other product marketing professionals? Or questioned whether that promotion was really enough to keep pace with the market?

As a product marketer, it can be super difficult to benchmark your worth when pay transparency remains an elusive concept across many companies.

That's why we're thrilled to present the 2023 Product Marketing Alliance Salary Survey Report – the most comprehensive analysis of product marketing pay out there. We consider the impact of years of experience, company size, industry, location, level of education, and more. 

Whether you're a junior marketing associate or a seasoned CMO, you're sure to find targeted insights to leverage in salary negotiations and unlock your true earning potential. 

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🗺️ Global Product Marketing Salary Survey

2023 Product Marketing Salary Survey: Global results
In an increasingly interconnected world, how does your compensation as a product marketing professional truly measure up on a global scale?

Sneak peek: The global product marketing median salary now sits at $105,000, down 8.7% from last year.

🇺🇲 US Product Marketing Salary Survey

2023 Product Marketing Salary Survey: US results
As the US rolls into a new year following economic highs and lows, competition for top talent rages on across tech hubs and industry niches.

Sneak peek: The state with the highest average base salary is Washington ($181,200). California remains the state with the highest median salary at $175,000.

🌍 European Product Marketing Salary Survey

2023 Product Marketing Salary Survey: European results
As the economy fluctuates across European countries post-pandemic, how has compensation for product marketing professionals kept pace with the latest regional trends?

Sneak peek: The country with the highest median salary is, once again, the United Kingdom (€80,274). 

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