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22 sales enablement tools for product marketers

Sales Enablement | Competitive Intelligence | Go-to-Market

Last month, we published our Product Marketing Tools of Choice report which included 203 tools, 15 segments and industry endorsements throughout.

You could say it was a bit of a beast and so for people who’re on the lookout for a specific type of tool, we’ll be releasing clusters of our report bit by bit on the blog.

Up first, sales enablement tools…

Whatever your product, whatever your industry, whatever your market, every business’ end goal is inevitably sales. As a product marketer though, there are only so many places you can be and things you can do at once, which is why a solid sales enablement tool (or two!) is integral to keep those baseline numbers coming in.


Highspot makes it easier for your reps to find the content they need - when they need it, guides them through how to best use said assets, keeps them connected and up-to-date, facilitates interactive training and guidance, and helps sellers stay up-to-speed with today’s fast-moving buyer climate. All so you can get the most out of every customer conversation.

Website: highspot.com

Cost: not available online.

“Highspot’s smart pages are a great way to create product kits centralizing all product-related materials and messaging and are especially helpful for companies with large portfolios.”

Karen Cohen, Director of Product Marketing at Appsflyer


Seismic utilises AI and machine learning to discard the time and resource-intensive parts of the sales cycle and ensure sales and marketing teams have the information and insights they need, when they need it, without fail. Say bye to creating unused assets. Say bye to outdated collateral. Say hi to more customers, bigger deals, and happier teams.

Website: seismic.com

Cost: not available online.

“We mostly use Seismic for sales enablement and would rate it 8 out of 10. It helps our sellers with value-based selling and we treat it like our product for our internal sellers. We saw 90% adoption with 60% of sales being daily active users.”

Sapphire Reels, Product Marketing Manager at Pluralsight


This one comes with two branches: Showpad Content and Showpad Coaching. The former gathers and presents content in one, intuitive location so reps spend less time searching and more time selling. The latter provides the onboarding, training and coaching materials your reps need to deliver excellent experiences and convert more customers.

Website: showpad.com

Cost: not available online.


Created for salespeople, by salespeople, SalesLoft’s email service comes packed with templates, account tiering, personalisation tools and A/B testing. Its other products let you record, take notes, transcribe and share calls, gather actionable intelligence, automate multi-touch cadences, optimise sales activity, and so much more.

Website: salesloft.com

Cost: not available online.

“I use SalesLoft to draft, monitor and measure BDRs’ outbounding. Since we can create mass cadences, I can test and tweak our product messaging and have a gauge on how it’s resonating at the top of the funnel. That kind of messaging is massively helpful when it comes to then producing value props and hooks and determining which assets to produce, with what language. It’s a great way to quickly test messaging at the top of the funnel.”

Phill Brougham, Product Marketing Manager at Trint


With 100s and 1,000s of validated reviews on everything from marketing and IT infrastructure software to business and translation services, G2 takes the guesswork and risk out of buying decisions. They’ve also got a whole host of products to help organisations scale with confidence, like:

  • Marketplace profiles
  • Customer reviews,
  • Buyer intent data,
  • Influential content,
  • Competitor insights, and more.

Website: g2.com

Cost: not available online.


Cognism’s all about prospecting and lead gen. It comes with a bank of 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies to slice, dice and find new ideal customers to target. With event-based triggers (like when a company receives funding or an individual gets a promotion, for example), you can also strike while the iron’s hot without any manual intervention.

Website: cognism.com

Cost: not available online.


Xactly offers a suite of products to cater for the planning, execution, optimisation and data integration of sales teams’ incentive compensation. It’s powered by AI and, in essence, puts science into the process so decision-makers can maximise the return on incentives. It also aligns sales and finance, ensures accurate forecasting and automates commission processes.

Website: xactlycorp.com

Cost: not available online.


Using automation and AI, Clari streamlines sales forecast processes, spots deal risks, manages pipeline health, drives full-funnel accountability, and gives real-time analytics that drive action. Some of its most highlighted features include enterprise-class configurability, data snapshotting, sales-ready AI, and seamless CRM syncing.

Website: clari.com

Cost: not available online.


Jiminny captures all your customer conversations so you can understand what is and isn’t working, coach your reps, put strategies in place and, ultimately, seal more sales. With their video conferences, it even picks peoples’ brains right after the call giving you on-the-spot feedback to work with.

Website: jiminny.com

Cost: not available online.


Pipedrive is an activity-based sales CRM. It visualises the sales process in stages, prompts next steps so you stay on top of your pipeline, lets you send and receive emails in-app, automatically bumps tasks that are due or overdue to the top of your lists, and shifts activities down the line with a simple Kanban-style drag-and-drop board.

Website: pipedrive.com

“From a tech flexibility standpoint, I really like Pipedrive’s mobile app. You can view tasks within deals in a calendar view (daily summary), so it gives you a list of focused tasks for that particular bucket (company). I am a big tool junkie using things like Trello for task management, but having all of the context (you can add tasks within email threads or organizations, etc.) in one place that syncs with your calendar is very helpful.”

Farhan Manjiyani, Product Specialist at Qu POS


The name’s a bit of a giveaway, but DocSend’s all about sending documents - with a difference. You get alerts when a prospect’s looked at your sales deck, you’re told where exactly they spend their time and once you share a doc, you can still update it whenever you want.

Website: docsend.com


Refract helps you learn from your top sales performers so you can take their formula, enhance it, and roll it out across the rest of your reps. It provides key, coachable insights and moments with things like hot and cold words and the number of questions asked per call (no call riding required), and then its coaching platform helps you focus on ensuring everyone’s delivering the same standard of quality.

Website: refract.ai

Cost: each plan comes with a £350 monthly platform fee, too.


The Bigtincan Hub is an AI-driven, sales enablement automation platform. As well as automating manual tasks with their Forms, simplifying content creation with their Studio and delivering immersive experiences with 3D technology, their Genie acts as a virtual assistant to serve sellers the content they need there and then, and answers questions like “When is my next meeting?”

Website: bigtincan.com


From generating leads all the way through to closing deals, GetAccept’s an all-in-one B2B sales platform. Just a few of its top features include live chat, video and SMS communication, real-time contract editing without the need to re-send, electronic signatures, proposal templates, and trackable sales collateral.

Website: getaccept.com


Gong gives you insights into the sales conversations that work so you can improve the ones that don’t. It tells you what to talk more and less about - based on data, assembles multiple channels in one place - like calls and emails, and puts conversation intelligence at the heart of transforming how you go to market.

Website: gong.io

Cost: not available online.

“Set up keyword alerts for the products you own. You’ll get alerts for when and how often it’s brought up in conversation during opportunities and then you can go and playback how it was positioned - not just the content, but the tone of voice, level of engagement and salesmanship of the rep. If there’s a lack of enthusiasm, there’s a role that PMMs can play to highlight the value of the product with sales.”

Phill Brougham, Product Marketing Manager at Trint


Do you ever wish you could clone your top sales reps? Well, you could say Chorus is one of the next best things. In brief, it reviews deals based on conversation metrics (like discounting, product and competitor mentions) and lets you know when and how often they were brought up so you can build a deal-winning cheat sheet.

Website: chorus.ai

Cost: not available online.


MindTickle puts data at the heart of helping customer-centric companies maximise their team’s skills and customer’s experiences by engaging employees with things like gamification, role play and micro-learning to enhance frontline interactions and ensure everyone’s doing your product or service justice.

Website: mindtickle.com

Cost: not available online.

“MindTickle is our sales readiness platform. We use it to push out content and training to the sales team, assess their knowledge retention, and certify them on their pitch. It provides good insight into whether the training you are publishing is being consumed and how well people are retaining the information. MindTickle is an integral part of our sales enablement program.”

Daniel Kuperman, Director of Product Marketing, Snowflake


As well as providing time-saving inbox tools, decision-driving data and lead-winning multi-touch campaigns, Yesware feeds you with intricate details - like how long a recipient spent on an attachment and which messages were opened, to ensure sales activities are truly personal.

“Our company uses G Suite so I can only speak to the Gmail integration working well, but Yesware’s a pretty solid email automation tool with Salesforce integrations. Templates can be hard to work with and trying to reorganize categories is a bit of a chore, but it's a useful tool.”

Alec Pinkham, Director of Product Marketing at AppNeta


Outreach enables sales reps to drive more output with less input by creating best-in-practice sequences that incorporate multi-channel touchpoints, sparking personalised (yet consistent) communication, and delivering the insights you need to build a bank of customer-winning templates.

Website: outreach.io

Cost: not available online.

“From a PMM perspective, this is a great tool to A/B test your messaging. You can get a small group of reps you feel would be good to test out new subject lines, approaches or entire sequences altogether. You can see usage rates against all the other types of sequences and campaigns reps are using to find the types of messages that resonate most. I used this data to roll out a new pitch for training and onboarding.”

Farhan Manjiyani, Product Specialist at Qu POS


Combining experience, personalisation and orchestration engines, Folloze helps PMMs build engaging campaigns - like content sites, resource centres, newsletters and event promos, that are tailored to suit visitor, account and predictive intent data. Then, real-time results are ready for your sales team to deliver kick-ass pitches.

Website: folloze.com

Cost: not available online.


DiscoverOrg delivers B2B contact data and sales intel to help you build accurate lists and smash the pitching process. Some of its key features include:

  • Hyper-targeted lists (by tech stack, industry, size, etc.),
  • Automatic alerts when someone’s researching your product,
  • Org charts so you know you’re targeting the right people, and
  • Detailed contact info with 100+ data points.

Website: discoverorg.com

Cost: not available online.


Live chat, visitor tracking, personalised messages, in-app comms and user data are just some of the features Dashly comes with to increase leads and sales, boost engagement and improve all-round customer satisfaction.

Website: dashly.io


Written by:

Richard King

Richard King

Founder, Product Marketing Alliance

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22 sales enablement tools for product marketers