Whether you’re managing one product or five, knowing what’s on the horizon the next day, week, month and quarter is critical in ensuring everyone - both in and out of your direct team - is aligned with your goals and aware of their responsibilities, which is why finding the right roadmapping tool is a must.

So, as part of our mission to create the industry’s largest tool directory, we put the feelers out to more than 600 product marketers and asked them what their go-to tools are. Here’s what made the roadmapping cut.


Although for both product managers and product marketing managers, for PMMs Aha!’s a central location to plan and coordinate future marketing activities and lets you:

  • Add details to tasks, assign to-dos, collaborate on deliverables, track dependencies and speed-up approval, and
  • Create performance targets, measure the impact of work and track ROI.

Website: aha.io


“A really interesting feature of Aha! is the ability to set-up an ideas portal. We use this to garner buy-in on new features/products but also as a way for non-tech team folks to report bugs, capture ideas on improvements of the product, and as an overall document for the hallway chats that are really valuable but ultimately just get lost. The portal can be configured to be internal or external and even allows for upvoting by the company (or anyone else) for feature requests.”

Farhan Manjiyani, Product Specialist at Qu POS


Although more targeted towards PMs, ProdPad’s a handy companion for PMMs too. Some of its key features include drag-and-drop roadmaps, priority charts to help pick out valuable product ideas (and filter by things like customer desire, freshness and team votes), and customer feedback and portfolio management tools.

Website: prodpad.com



With ProductPlan, you can build roadmaps in a matter of minutes, easily update them as and when decisions are made, communicate your plans visually, standardise the process across products to create a consistent portfolio, and transparently align decisions with strategic goals.

Website: productplan.com



Part spreadsheet, part database, Airtable makes organisation and collaboration a piece of cake. You can add as many users as you like and each can edit, comment, add and contribute to projects in real-time. It accepts any type of content - attachments, long text notes, links, checkboxes, barcodes or otherwise, and lets you pick from grid, calendar, gallery or kanban view.

Website: airtable.com


“At Nearmap, we’ve shifted launch planning back in the hands of product managers, who now uses Airtable to keep everybody on track on every GTM execution, regardless of size and scope of the release.”

Angela Catalan, Director of Product Marketing, Nearmap


“Get the right products to market, faster.” productboard provides a place to consolidate all your ideas, requests and feedback and prioritise which features should be tackled first. Then, you can easily share different versions with different people, track pre-launch progress, and engage with your customer community.

Website: productboard.com


For 100s (literally) more tried and tested tool recommendations check out our Product Marketing Tools of Choice report and if you’ve got another suggestion, let us know in the comments below.

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