This week on Product Marketing Life, host Mark Assini is joined by Joshua Diner, Group Product Marketing Manager at Infobip. Joshua delves into how cutting-edge conversational marketing and communication can be leveraged to provide customers with highly personalized experiences.

How can brands deliver these all-important tailored experiences? Joshua shares the secret sauce – blending chatbots, AI, and human interactions to enable natural, human-like conversations, allowing you to meet customers where they are, at every stage of their journey.

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‎Business · 2023


Key talking points

  • How to create natural conversational experiences.
  • Why understanding customer data, behaviors and preferences enables you to craft highly-targeted messaging and campaigns.
  • How to engage customers across the entire journey.
  • Why conversational solutions provide scalability.
  • How personalization through conversational marketing can provide a competitive advantage.

Introducing Joshua Diner

Joshua Diner is an accomplished product marketing leader skilled at strategic go-to-market programs that drive business growth. In his current role, Joshua heads a team focused on industry-specific solutions, shifting from product-led to industry-led positioning. Enabling sales and delivering value are constants in Joshua’s diverse career. 

With experience across legal publishing, ratings/reviews, retail e-commerce, and communications, Joshua has launched brands, built marketing teams, and spearheaded digital transformation.

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