It only seems like two minutes since we announced our Customer Marketing Excellence Award shortlist but we're finally ready to reveal our wonderful winner...

Drum roll please... 🥁

Congratulations to Patricia Bautista, Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Gong - winner of the PMA Customer Marketing Excellence Award, Spring 2021 👏

Who could possibly be better placed to tell you why Trish has been crowned our customer marketing champ this year than those who work by her side everyday?!

Here are some super kind words from just a handful of Trish's colleagues at Gong, who all nominated her for the award 👇

"Trish is an incredible PMM. She is always going above and beyond for the customer, the team, and really anyone at our company. We've worked on several customer stories and case studies and she goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is comfortable and feels special along the process. She creates many raving fans - even going above and beyond to send a little thank you treat for their time and effort. She is the definition of a SUPERSTAR!"

Marie Callahan, CSM

"Trish has singled-handedly built the customer marketing function at Gong over the past year.  She is always putting our customers first and creating a "Raving Fan" experience for our customers (one of our company values).  She is extremely creative, thoughtful, and empathetic when it comes to customers.  She is also the expert on our customer base - if you need a story, reference, or speaker she will have the best customer at the tips of her fingers.  She is the main liaison between marketing and our customer success team.  She gets weekly rave reviews from CSMs and sales reps for the work she does to support our customers."

Sheena Badani, Senior Director of Marketing

"Patricia has done an incredible job of building a world class customer marketing program: from intimate executive roundtables, generating over 1,500 customer reviews, to producing over 33 case studies. Customers rave about her approach and thoughtful touches like swag and content. She is a star!"

Michael McEuen, Senior Marketing Manager

"Patricia has been an integral part of creating raving fans at Gong during her time in the customer marketing role. Patricia is a big part of the reason that Gong is able to maintain an NPS score in the mid to high 60's across all our customers which is unheard of in the B2B SaaS space."

Kyle Brown, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

Feeling the love? Us too. 🥰

Oh, and here's a quick word from the winner herself:

"Customer marketing, at the heart of it all, is all about storytelling, recognition and relationships. Prospects for our companies trust us more because we're uplifting the authentic customer voice rather than just talking about ourselves. [...] In my career as a customer marketer, it's always been my job to highlight the customer, to put them on a pedestal - I'm more behind the scenes and I'm sure a lot of customer marketers feel the same way. That's why I'm so grateful for this award and the Product Marketing Alliance for putting the customer marketing function in the spotlight. Thank you!"

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