On this episode of Product Marketing Life, host Collin Mayjack is joined by Andy McCotter-Bicknell, Head of Competitive Intelligence at Apollo.io. They delve into the world of competitive analysis – covering Andy's gradual transition from ZoomInfo to their major rival Apollo.io, common myths about competitive intelligence, and strategies for differentiating your offering while still presenting competitors in a fair light.

About our guest

Andy McCotter-Bicknell, Head of Competitive Intelligence at Apollo.io

Andy currently works at Apollo.io, helping them build their first formal competitive intelligence program. He has worked at a range of companies focusing specifically on the CI function, ensuring that they win more competitive deals. 

He is also the Founder of Healthy Competition, a podcast and community for competitive intelligence. Andy has become a big voice in the product marketing sphere, helping others understand how to scale competitive programs from the ground up, optimize existing competitive programs, and compete and win in crowded product categories.

Key takeaways

  • Andy’s path moving from PMM to a CI dedicated role.
  • Andy’s experience competing with a company he has so much history with.
  • The competitive bases that must be covered.
  • The biggest mistakes PMMs make most with competitive intelligence.
  • The best and worst competitive campaigns.

And much more! 

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