In this episode of Product Marketing Life, Mark Assini is joined by Tamara Grominsky, a seasoned product marketing leader and founder of PMM Camp the newsletter and community for strategic product marketers. They dive into the growing trend of product marketers becoming founders, striking out on their own as entrepreneurs. 

Tamara shares how her career has always embodied an entrepreneurial spirit, from partnering directly with founders during her PMM roles to recently stepping out on her own. She discusses why product marketers make natural entrepreneurs, given their business acumen, customer orientation, and ability to thrive in uncertainty.

They discuss launching new products and services – both within companies and as entrepreneurs. Tamara outlines key differences like limited resources and vulnerability when launching your own business. She also details her journey of co-creating a new course, Ready to Launch.

‎Product Marketing Life: From product marketer to founder: Why PMMs have an entrepreneurial edge with Tamara Grominsky, founder of PMM Camp on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Product Marketing Life, Ep From product marketer to founder: Why PMMs have an entrepreneurial edge with Tamara Grominsky, founder of PMM Camp - Nov 24, 2023

About our guest

Tamara Grominsky is an accomplished product marketing leader based in Toronto, Canada. Tamara was previously the Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce and VP of Product Marketing at Kajabi. She’s also partnered with the PMA to put together two self-paced courses, Segmentation Certified and Pricing Certified.

Tamara has led strategic marketing initiatives at high-growth SaaS companies like Unbounce, Kajabi, and Freshbooks, and has recently founded PMM Camp, her own engaged community and resource hub for product marketing professionals looking to maximize their impact.

Key takeaways

  • Why product marketers make strong entrepreneurs
  • The ups and downs of self-launching: How launching a personal venture differs
  • The benefits of partnering with PMMs with diverse strengths and expertise
  • Why many experienced product marketers still seek validation
  • How financial acuity is integral in driving impact

And more.

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