Global Product Marketing Salary Survey | Results

Product Marketing

In the first survey of its kind, we got up close and personal with more than 1,600 product marketers across the globe to understand what people are being paid, where satisfaction levels currently lie, how much where you are on the map matters, and more.

With this level of detail in tow, hopefully, product marketers worldwide will be able to put strategies in place to focus on their personal bottom line - as well as their business’.

A few teasers to get you going...

  • Product marketers in North America earn $20,000 more than any other continent
  • The jump from PMM to SPMM typically results in an extra $34,880
  • Those in Consumer Goods tally the lowest annual income
  • Leadership support impacts pay by just under $13,000

Who did you speak to?

We opened up the survey to product marketers all over the world, however, certain continents and countries were better represented than others and the vast majority of people who completed our questions were based in North America and Europe. Asia, Australasia and South & Central America were covered too but collectively, they only made up 5% of the panel.

Will you run the survey again next year?

100%. We’re already looking forward to 2020’s edition and comparing the two datasets. If you’ve got any feedback for next year’s release we’d love to hear it, just let us know at

What if there’s a bit more detail I want to see?

We’ve done our best to include everything people would want to see and even created European and US-specific versions to ensure each is uber relevant for its audience. However, if you want to drill deep into the data and see something in particular, let us know and we can send you the numbers separately.

It’s worth noting, because the number of respondents was so much smaller, it wasn’t and isn’t possible to create standalone reports for Asia, Australasia and South & Central America. If we get more representatives for them next year though, who knows!

What can I do with the results?

Whatever you like. This report’s the first of its kind and hopefully, you can use its findings to shape your own salary. Maybe you use it to back-up your case for a raise. Maybe you use it to solidify your current pay is actually pretty good. Maybe you use it to help benchmark the salaries of future hires. The options are endless and all yours.

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