Go-to-Market strategies fuse together all the elements that drive a business forward, and a solid GTM strategy heightens your market awareness and ensures you don’t waste a ton of money, time, and resources releasing a product to the market that just isn’t necessary.

This path's dedicated to feeding you with the info you need to orchestrate and execute a killer GTM program, learning from world-leading brands like these along the way: 👇

Amazon Web Services | Gainsight | Iterable | Unbounce | Google | Asana

Below's a break down of what will be covered in this 7-week program.

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Week 1:

Go-to-Market best practices

Week 2:

Organization-wide alignment

Week 3:

GTM alignment

...again, because it's so important

Week 4:

Go-to-Market + segmentation

Week 5:

Building your GTM strategy

Week 6:

Global Go-to-Market strategies

Week 7:

Go-to-Market case studies

How to improve your Go-to-Market knowledge

Delivered by Yoni Solomon, Chief Marketing Officer at Uptime.com, Go-to-Market Certified includes everything you need to design, launch, and measure an impactful Go-to-Market strategy.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to confidently:

🚀 Grasp a proven product launch formula that’s equal parts comprehensive, repeatable, creative, and collaborative.
🧠 Gain the expertise and know-how to build and tailor an ideal product blueprint of your own.
🛠 Equip yourself with templates to facilitate a seamless GTM process.