Gong won the coveted position of Sales Enablement Tool Leader in the inaugural edition of PMA Pulse.

PMA Pulse is the definitive, annual say on which tools product marketers cannot live without. It’s the ultimate seal of approval for vendors who are supporting PMMs with their solutions, as well as an unambiguous thumbs up for product marketers in search of a new product.

Billed as the game tape for sales, Gong captures and analyzes every word of every sales conversation with surprising accuracy, giving users insights into the sales conversations that work so they can improve the ones that don’t. It tells users what to talk more and less about - based on data, assembles multiple channels in one place - like calls and emails, and puts conversation intelligence at the heart of transforming how companies go to market.

Here’s why Phill Brougham, Product Marketing Manager at Trint uses it:

“You can set up keyword alerts for the products you own. You’ll get alerts for when and how often it’s brought up in conversation during opportunities and then you can go and playback how it was positioned - not just the content, but the tone of voice, level of engagement and salesmanship of the rep. If there’s a lack of enthusiasm, there’s a role that PMMs can play to highlight the value of the product with sales.”

Highspot was voted ‘Trailblazer’ and placed second, while Chorus was voted ‘Challenger’ and Showpad was voted ‘Highflyer’, both placed third and fourth respectively. Seismic was given an honorable mention as a PMM recommended tool.

Richard King, Founder of PMA, commented:

“Thanks to its sharp transcription and detailed analytics, Gong beat countless sales enablement tools to take the top spot. PMMs who are using the solution day in and day out are singing its praises regularly in our community, which really is a testament to its efficiency. Congratulations from us all at PMA!”

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