In this episode of Product Marketing Life, Mark Assini is joined by Justin Dorfman, Co-Founder & CEO of AssetMule. 

During their chat, Justin shares his thoughts on the difference between good and great enablement. He covers what product marketers can do to build an enablement function that delivers enough value to warrant its own dedicated resourcing.

As a veteran in the tech and SaaS industry, Justin shares his comprehensive journey from his first role in sales to an evolution into product marketing, culminating in his current entrepreneurial venture. 

Mark and Justin get to the core of effective sales enablement, with the strategic use of ongoing dialogue between the enablement and sales teams for a more dynamic and impactful support system. 

By moving beyond the traditional reactive nature of enablement, organizations can develop sustainable strategies that truly support their sales teams in the rapidly evolving market.

Justin also shares the vision behind AssetMule, and its role in addressing the common challenges when creating sales assets, especially for non-designers in product marketing roles.

‎Product Marketing Life: Maximizing impact: How to elevate sales enablement value with Justin Dorfman, Co-Founder & CEO at AssetMule on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Product Marketing Life, Ep Maximizing impact: How to elevate sales enablement value with Justin Dorfman, Co-Founder & CEO at AssetMule - Dec 8, 2023

About our guest

Justin is a startup builder and GTM leader. Justin has spent almost fifteen years in the tech and SaaS space, first in sales, then in product marketing, and now as a founder and CEO. 

Justin and his co-founder Jorge established AssetMule as a bridge between marketing and sales to help these teams work better together. AssetMule helps product marketing and sales teams create high-quality, personalized sales assets in minutes.

Key takeaways

  • Why product marketers make strong entrepreneurs
  • The ups and downs of self-launching
  • The benefits of partnering with PMMs with diverse strengths and expertise
  • Why many experienced product marketers still seek validation
  • How financial acuity is integral in driving impact

And more insights throughout the episode!

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