A little about Yi Lin

Yi Lin Pei is a career coach and Director of Product Marketing at Teachable.

Yi Lin and host Mark Assini chatted earlier this year about how anyone can break into product marketing, even without experience, so it’s great to have her back to share her thoughts on a closely related, and important topic.

At Teachable, Yi Lin and her team help to build products that transform experience and know-how into thriving businesses. Teachable is the go-to platform for creators and entrepreneurs to build online courses and coaching products that reach students around the world.

Key talking points

During their chat, Yi Lin shares her thoughts and recommendations on navigating the product marketing job market during the current economic downturn.

She provides some really practical tips on how to assess your current situation, evaluate your next opportunity, and how to go about seeking it out. This is a must-listen for anyone thinking or worrying about their next move.

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