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“If you value your time, get PMM Hired.” - Marie Pachy

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We spoke to Marie Pachy, a Product Marketer at Bridge, about her experience with the PMM Hired resource we have here at Product Marketing Alliance.

In our chat, Marie explained:

Why Marie enrolled in PMM Hired

Q: What was your motivation for signing up for PMM Hired?

I was going through a transition. I'd just realized that some of the most thrilling moments of my career involved product marketing and technology. Considering I am new to the tech space, I wanted to convey my product marketing experience in a way that speaks to interviewers.

But having a sense of what you want doesn't mean you'll get it.

And for my transition to product marketing in Tech to be a success, I had to make sure I was thoroughly prepared - to be present and truly bring my best self during interviews.

So, when I found myself alone for the Christmas break during the last lockdown, I decided to sign up for PMM Hired. That way, I could set myself up for success and start the new year on the right foot.

The idea was to take the guesswork out of technical interviews to be ready and leave nothing to chance. And that included filling knowledge gaps, of course, but also boosting my confidence to overcome interview nerves. Not just for any interview but specifically for product marketing interviews in Tech.

Why Marie chose PMM Hired

Q: Why did you choose PMM Hired? Why did it stand out above market alternatives?

I couldn't find another interview preparation tool that was function-specific and sector-specific at the same time - for product marketing positions within the B2B Tech space. That was the prerequisite which is why it was a no-brainer. There was no alternative that gave both.

That and how exhaustive PMM Hired is. Well, actually, anything PMA produces is comprehensive – that's what makes it stand out.

Starting with its Slack community, probably one of the most active communities out there. The kind of insight and advice from which you get is invaluable. Sometimes in Slack communities, you find a lot of one-sided conversations where there isn't much engagement. But not PMA's Slack community. Besides, it's just well sought out, agile, and incredibly rich.

And when I joined the community, I started listening to the PMA podcasts when they interview product marketers who didn't start in product marketing but pivoted into product marketing about why they chose that path.

These interactions with the PMA’s content and tools played a pivotal role in my decision to go with PMM Hired.

With it, I now have access to everything I need to prepare for technical product marketing interviews, all in one place. Anything from sample interview tasks to interview questions and suggested answers.

Marie’s favorite part of PMM hired

Q: What was your favorite part of PMM Hired, and how have you transferred insights into your day-to-day practice?

The PMM monthly workshop is my favorite. That's where you get to pick the brain of a senior-level PMM and share tips with other product marketers in the making. Through it, I was able to see my journey in a new light and get answers to specific questions I couldn't find online or in PMM Hired.

Besides, PMM Hired is fully remote with its lifetime access. I can go through it at my own pace and revisit it anytime later in my career.

How PMM Hired enhanced her credentials

Q: How has PMM Hired enhanced your product marketing credentials?

When you don't yet have tech experience per se, competing to hold the attention of tech companies is challenging. PMM Hired gave me access to the knowledge, tools, and feedback I was missing to differentiate myself.

More than that, PMM Hired means being taken by surprise by an off-topic question yet being prepared enough to hold your own, look competent, and show you're able to handle pressure. This, in turn, gives me credibility and shows potential employers how dedicated I am to product marketing.

It made me more confident and even more secure in my decision to specialize in product marketing.

The impact PMM Hired has had on her career

Q: If you hadn’t signed up for PMM Hired, what impact do you think this would’ve had on your product marketing career?

Before, interviewing felt daunting. Part of it is nerves, perhaps even anxiety. The rest is preparation. When you feel blindsided by a question, it’s a natural response.

The questions compiled by PMA come from actual product marketing hiring managers, most of whom are PMA members. It removes all the guesswork. So much so that when I started interviewing, I remember being asked that ‘good product, bad marketing’ question. As soon as I heard it, a feeling of relief washed over me - PMM Hired was worth every penny.

Not signing up to PMM Hired would have made my interview preparation much more time-consuming and interviewing for product marketing positions disheartening.

Why should people sign up for PMM Hired?

Q: What would be your advice for PMMs who may be considering signing up for PMM Hired?

If you value your time, get PMM Hired. It will save you hours of research, and you will get everything you need to crack your next technical product marketing interview. That, and make sure you sign up for the PMM monthly workshop. You won’t regret it.

Join Marie and get PMM Hired

PMM Hired is your lifelong career companion. Whether you're looking to transition into the industry or make the jump to VP of PMM, it's got all the tools and resources you need to create the successful, fulfilling product marketing career you deserve.

Join Marie, and countless others, and start your PMM Hired journey.

Sign up today

Written by:

Charley Gale

Charley Gale

Charley is a Junior Copywriter at Product Marketing Alliance. She has a passion for creating new content for the community. She's always open to new ideas, so would love to hear from you!

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“If you value your time, get PMM Hired.” - Marie Pachy