Amit Alagh is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at LexisNexis, a leading global provider of legal, regulatory,  business information, and analytics that helps customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes, and advance the rule of law around the world.

Amit is a 2022 product marketing influencer who has a fervent appetite for self-development and improving his professional credentials.

Amit’s search for L&D opportunities led him to our Master Product Marketing Certification, and we spoke with him to discuss:

  • Why he signed up for the program,
  • What he considered the highlights of the course,
  • What the course has helped him to accomplish,
  • The next steps in his professional career, and
  • Who he’d recommend the certification to.

Amit's motivation

Why did you initially sign up for Mastering Product Marketing?

I’m an intellectually curious person and having undertaken Product Marketing Core early on in my career, I wanted to delve deeper into some of the topics covered to evolve my skills with the needs of the business I support.

Personal highlights

What's the best thing about Mastering Product Marketing?

As I’ve evolved and upskilled on the job, the courses align with my professional journey, the courses are high quality, presented by experts and available on demand.

These aren’t courses you forget about once you have completed them. I find the learnings invaluable and I’m able to apply these new skills in my role day to day.

Key takeaways

What have our Master’s courses enabled you to accomplish?

The Mastering Product Marketing courses have helped me in becoming a better business partner to my stakeholders, enhance my relationships across the business, and demonstrate the value of product marketing.

The key learnings from each of the courses I have done have enabled me to:

Career aspirations

What's the next step for you in your professional development journey?

Expectations of product marketers have never been higher. The pace of work and execution of deliverables is immense because we are always caught up “in the current deliverable”, which leaves little time to focus on professional development.

Additionally, product marketing varies in terms of work and maturity of function from organisation to organization.

These courses not only enable me to evolve with my job to embrace new challenges, but they’re also incredibly helpful at exposing me to the wider remit of product marketing and allow me from a career development perspective to identify where I would like to specialise in the future.

Who would you recommend Mastering Product Marketing to?

I’d recommend Mastering Product Marketing to those who wish to take charge of their own personal and professional development.

It’s perfect for product marketers who wish to transition from ‘general’ product marketing and understand all the specializations available to them and where to prioritise their efforts.