Mixpanel has hit it out of the park and taken first place as the Customer & Market Research Leader in this year’s PMA Pulse.

PMA Pulse is our official stamp of approval on the very best solutions in the market for product marketers (PMMs) across the globe. It was created to help organizations make educated buying decisions, based on the experiences of those within the PMM community.

Mixpanel has provided an incredibly efficient customer and market research experience for product marketers. The platform allows a company to track user interactions within both web and mobile apps.

It allows them to effectively identify how users engage with their product, whilst providing an intricate analysis of this data to visualize and break down engagement trends, build funnels and find key retention drivers. Mixpanel has enhanced how PMMs can see the impact of their product launches, allowing them to refine, and improve their products for future success.

Momentive was voted Trailblazer and placed second. Amplitude stands in third place as Challenger, while Heap was voted Highflyer in fourth place. UserTesting was given an honorable mention as a Recommended tool.

Richard King, Founder, and CEO of PMA commented,

“Thanks to its ability to identify and break down the most important customer and market insights, Mixpanel has found itself at the top of their Pulse category. It has become one of the most popular product marketing solutions on the market- congratulations from all of us at PMA!”

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