PMA Pulse 2021

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PMA Pulse is back for round two.

Following on from last year’s inauguration, we’ve taken on board the 1,000s of nominations from the PMA community to reveal this year’s best PMM tools and we have to say… It looks pretty awesome. 🔥

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Once again, we’ve ensured our solutions span five of the most important product marketing categories:

⭐️ Competitive intelligence
⭐️ Sales enablement
⭐️ Project management
⭐️ Customer onboarding
⭐️ Customer & market research

And, within these categories, there are five more places within the leaderboard: Leader, Trailblazer, Challenger, Highflyer, and Recommended.

For more on how PMA Pulse is built, either head to this page or download the report, where we outline the process in detail.

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Why have we built the PMA Pulse?

We want to democratize the tech stack landscape. We listened to 1,000s of voices and made unbiased decisions to create the best go-to tool guide for all PMMs. This report is for anyone with a stake in purchasing tools in their company - whether they’re the budget owner or the user. PMA Pulse provides the stamp of approval they need to make informed decisions.

Your favorite tool not on the list?

Join us in developing PMA Pulse 2022 by nominating the tools that have helped you become the best PMM you can be, and help others within the industry benefit from your awesome experiences.

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