In this episode of Product Marketing Maestros: Tales From the Front Lines, host Nitin Kartik, Director of Product Marketing at Carbyne, is joined by Yi Lin Pei, Founder and Career Coach at Courageous Careers.

They discuss a time where Yi Lin helped a client land a job in product marketing within two months during a challenging job market.

Key takeaways:

  • Strategic targeting and fit: Yi Lin underscores the critical importance of identifying and aligning with candidate market fit. The client's journey involves targeting specific roles within early-stage startups in the construction technology industry. This strategic approach extends to outreach efforts, where Yi Lin emphasizes the need to go beyond traditional application processes.
  • Effective outreach and preparation: A key takeaway centers around the significance of strategic outreach and meticulous preparation for interviews. The episode delves into the preparation phase, emphasizing in-depth analysis of interviewer backgrounds and the use of structured frameworks for responses.
  • Community support and time management: Yi Lin provides valuable insights into optimizing time during the job search. Additionally, the episode highlights the importance of community support for individuals navigating the job market.
So you want to become a product marketing manager?
From key skills needed for career progression to how to choose your next role and more, here’s how to break into product marketing management.

About Yi Lin Pei

With over 12 years of experience spanning B2B/B2C SaaS, IoT, CPG, and consulting, Yi Lin leverages her diverse background to equip clients for success. Since 2021, she has helped over 150 professionals land roles at leading companies including LinkedIn, HubSpot, Uber, and TikTok.

Yi Lin began her own career pivot from transportation engineering to tech marketing in 2016 despite lacking relevant experience. By developing a strategic approach, she landed her first role in marketing at Autodesk. From there, she rose to become a senior product marketing leader and a top 100 global PMM influencer.

Having personally overcome the challenges of switching careers, Yi Lin makes it her mission to help driven professionals achieve their dreams. Her customized coaching focuses on resume branding, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and onboarding success. Yi Lin also provides ongoing career growth support tailored to each individual.

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