In this episode of Product Marketing Life, host Collin Mayjack and guest Anthony Pierri, Co-Founder of FletchPMM, talk about throwing out your product vision, finding clear homepage messaging, and what product marketers can learn from the Baja Men.

Key takeaways

  • Anthony's career journey up to this point.
  • The issue with SaaS CMOs and Founders when it comes to product marketing.
  • Discussing the problem with advice like “don’t talk about features” and “customers don’t care about features, they care about benefits.”
  • How product marketers can maintain homepage messaging clarity as they begin to message multiple products.

And much more!

About the guest

Anthony Pierri, Co-Founder of FletchPMM

Anthony Pierri is a seasoned product marketing expert and co-founder of FletchPMM.

He specializes in helping horizontal product-led growth (PLG) startups optimize their website homepages to drive more sales and user acquisition.

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