In this episode, Collin sits down with the 'Queen of Product-Led Growth' herself, Madison Leonard. Collin and Madison chat through mistakes product marketers make in segmentation, how companies can become more product led, and why features don’t make a product #1. 

This episode is now available on YouTube!

Key takeaways

  • Madison's journey in product marketing and how she approached it
  • The importance of focusing on the overall value proposition rather than just features when positioning a product to be #1
  • Common mistakes made by go-to-market (GTM) teams in customer segmentation
  • Definition and explanation of the product-led growth (PLG) methodology
  • Understanding the spectrum of GTM approaches and how to shift towards a more product-led growth model

About the author

Madison Leonard, Consultant and Founder of Saas Secrets

Madison Leonard has worked with the fastest growing companies backed by ventures like Craft, Sequoia, and Y Combinator to launch new products and drive growth.

She has been fortunate enough to be nominated for and win awards that recognize these efforts, including the peer-nominated Product Launch of the Year award for her work on 'ClickUp Whiteboards'.

Now, Madison wants to help others achieve the same success using the same frameworks she has used to ship over 35 different products in the last 10 years.

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