We spoke to Kirsten Jepson, Head of Product Marketing at TELUS International about her and her team’s experience with the Product Marketing Core: Teams certification we have here at Product Marketing Alliance.

In this case study, she explains:

Why TELUS International enrolled

What was your motivation for signing up for the team certification?

I was looking for a way to continue to evolve the product marketing practice here at TELUS International. I felt that the whole team speaking the same PMM language would help us all move forward faster, collaboratively, and even more effectively - together.

Why TELUS International picked PMMC: Teams

Why did you choose the team certification? Why did it stand out above market alternatives?

Product Marketing Alliance is one of the few organizations that's focused on product marketing specifically.  Not marketing, not brand marketing, not product management, I wanted product marketing.  It's different - PMA knows that it's different.  The courses are built around product marketing needs and skill sets.

Kirsten’s favorite parts of the certification

What was your favorite part of the team certification, and how have you transferred insights into your day-to-day practice?

We use the templates provided pretty regularly.  For example, when someone new starts, they now complete the 30,60,90 day planning template.

How PMMC: Teams has enhanced her credentials

How has the team certification enhanced your product marketing credentials?

Adding the badges to profiles proves that we're well qualified compared to other product marketing teams.  In addition, since the whole team is certified, it shows that the TELUS International organization is serious about the team's professional development and performance. I'm confident that as we hire additional PMMs, they'll notice that the whole team is well qualified and well thought of.

Her advice for those looking to sign up

What would be your advice for PMMs who may be considering signing up for the team certification?

Learn from each other.  Leverage what each takes away.

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