In this episode of Product Marketing Life, host Collin Mayjack speaks with Emily Pick, Senior PMM at Rattle to discuss her experience as a founding PMM at a Series A startup.

About our guest

Emily Pick, Senior PMM at Rattle

Emily is a Senior Product Marketer who loves turning big ideas into even bigger results. She specializes in developing messaging and positioning that clearly communicates complex ideas, ensuring products stand out and drive demand.

Her experience spans data and analytics, network infrastructure, RevTech, MarTech, and DaaS, effectively marketing to diverse audiences from SMBs to Global 2000 brands.

Key takeaways

  • Why Emily chose a founding PMM role a second time round
  • How Emily measures the impact she has in her role
  • How she prioritizes work at Rattle
  • Getting buy-in with these priorities
  • Advice for women in product marketing who feel "stuck"

And much more!

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