As a senior PMM, Alicia works with emerging and growth-oriented B2B SaaS businesses. Her career spans a variety of industries including developertech, regtech (regulatory tech)*, professional services, health & wellbeing, and higher education.

Alicia blends a truly customer-centric approach to product marketing with a precise commercial lens. She is notably passionate about continually optimizing the path to purchase, creating a friction-free journey to ‘aha’, and optimizing product and marketing to create products users love, retain, and refer.

*RegTech combines regulations and technology to help companies, especially in banking, finance, and energy, efficiently monitor compliance and mitigate risks of non-compliance. RegTech solutions automate compliance processes, reducing costs and minimizing compliance risks.

We spoke to Alicia about Product Marketing Certified: Core, and how her experience with the course has impacted her career as an experienced PMM.

How did you find out Product Marketing Certified: Core?

I completed the course in 2020 – completely online and self-led! Interestingly, this was at a time when the role of a product marketing manager was beginning to emerge and grow as a specialization in marketing in Australia. 

Early 2019, I stumbled upon a blog that explained the role of a PMM. I was delighted to read this – at the time, I was working on a portfolio of startups in an internal incubator at PwC Australia and never really knew how to define my role. 

Hired as a “digital marketer” I was doing that and so much more! As I learned more about this specialization, I began to find international thought leaders in the PMM space online and it was here that I learned about the PMA and the Product Marketing Certified: Core course.

Why did you choose Product Marketing Certified: Core?

Product Marketing Certified: Core was attractive to me because it was easily accessible – unlike other certifications I looked at. At the time (during the covid pandemic), I could complete the course online, in my own time. There was no start date and it was perfect to keep me occupied when moving around was limited and help me upskill and hone in my craft. 

Secondly, the content of the course and the presenters looked top-notch. There were experts from a range of industries and organizations. I've always been keen to learn from and see tangible examples of how others put what they preach into practice. 

Fast forward and now we’re back to face-to-face courses – my only regret is that I didn’t get to learn in the classroom with others! Perhaps I need to go back to school for another PMA course!

Which aspects of Product Marketing Certified: Core did you find the most valuable?

It’s been three years but I still refer back to the tools, templates, and examples provided in the course. Everyone who completes the course is provided with a copy of the materials so you'll always have access to them! 

As a fractional product marketing manager, I need to have my tried and tested toolkit at the ready when I partner with a new client. The PMA course has set the foundation for a number of my PMM offerings. 

How have you transferred the insights and knowledge gained into your day-to-day practice?

Continued learning is how one continues to master their craft. The PMA course was a fantastic foundation for me to build upon. 

Now, as I work with new organizations – varying in different sizes, stages, and industries – and often with a different “ask” of product marketing, I adapt my learnings from PMA and prior experience to suit that role or client’s needs. 

What would you say to fellow product marketing professionals considering signing up for a PMA certification?

The PMA course is an excellent program to help you level-set your career as a PMM – whether you’re early in your career, on a pivot into PMM, or looking for a beautiful set of proven frameworks and tools that span the entire remit of a PMM - with input from industry experts, this course is for you. 

Plus, the networking opportunities, of course! 

Any final thoughts or comments you’d like to share about your experience with PMA courses?

While the PMA course isn’t the only gateway to the PMM community, I’d say it’s a great starting point. The PMA community has been a wonderful asset to me – from crowdsourcing answers to questions in Slack to providing a channel to network with other PMMs in new cities my digital nomad travels! 

Ready to join Alicia and become Product Marketing Certified? 

From research to optimization, Product Marketing Core explores (cliche alert!) the A to Z of product marketing, and with PMMC in your pocket, you’ll have a richer understanding of the what, why, and how of every product marketing principle. And that’s a promise.

From pricing strategies, market research, OKRs, and KPIs, to personas, messaging and positioning, and go-to-market strategies… PMMC has it all. 

Completing this course will help you...

🙌 Grasp every element of the cross-functional and rapidly evolving discipline that is product marketing.

🎯 Market your product through its entire lifecycle and successfully meet your product marketing key performance indicators.

🌟 Stand out in the job market - more and more employers request PMMC certification as a prerequisite for job seekers.

🧗🏼‍♂️ Advance up the career ladder with your newfound knowledge, skills, and product marketing network.

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