PMA 500 member Elisa Lippincott, Senior Product Marketing Manager at FireEye, Inc. checked out Product Marketing Core on our website; bowled over by the features and level of tuition on offer, she secured her spot and is now officially certified.

In this case study, she outlines:

  • Why she enrolled,
  • Why Product Marketing Core,
  • Key outcomes,
  • The certification's main benefits.

Elisa’s motivation

Elisa is a former Director of Product Marketing and has held long-term ambitions to become PMM certified.

Following a redundancy in 2020, Elisa enrolled in Product Marketing Core, using her extra time to secure her coveted PMM certification.

“I had always wanted to get certified in product marketing, but I never had enough time to dedicate to it.”

Why Product Marketing Core?

Before completing Product Marketing Core, Elisa checked out other alternatives available on the market, in her pursuit of a course to suit her requirements. Having considered her options, the breadth of content included in the syllabus proved to be the decisive factor.

“I started exploring my options to learn new things and PMA’s Core Certification was a great way to finally get a product marketing certification.

“I was looking for a course that covered every potential aspect of product marketing, even those that I didn’t have much experience with. Companies usually have different expectations and responsibilities for product marketing and I wanted to make sure that any course I took covered everything.”

Key outcomes

As is the case with any certification course, students take part to enhance their knowledge and professional skills.

In Elisa’s case, Product Marketing Core has helped her day-to-day practice and has broadened her perceptions of product marketing as a whole.

“It helps me think a little differently and I often find myself thinking, ‘I wonder how someone at PMA has done this?’

“If I’m stuck in a rut or need some ideas, I can get my inspiration from the PMA website or Slack community. The range of templates is especially helpful.

“It will help me stay on top of the latest trends and happenings affecting product marketing.”

What are PMMC’s main benefits?

Having now completed the certification with PMA, Elisa let us know about her highlights.

“I loved Product Marketing Core. There were several ‘a-ha’ moments for me and I gained a few ideas to use in the future.

“I love the ease of use and accessibility of the course. I was able to complete it on my schedule; I was impressed with the depth of expertise in the organization and the amount of great information and handy templates.”

With 11 modules and 58 chapters, students getting certified with PMA can be assured each and every essential area is covered; Elisa elaborated on her favorite parts of the syllabus.

“While I gained a lot of knowledge across all of the courses, I especially enjoyed the research, pricing, and positioning & messaging sections. I find myself wanting to learn so much more!”

Why should you enroll in Product Marketing Core?

Since the program launched, product marketers from each corner of the world have signed up, completed the course, and secured their PMM certification. Elisa gave her two-cents on what she thought of the experience.

“It’s a great certification, whether you’re new to product marketing, or looking for a refresher in certain areas of the product marketing discipline. It’s not a ‘complete it and forget it’ course: there is a constant flow of information and member interactions that truly make PMA valuable.”

Enroll in Product Marketing Core: OnDemand, access an array of PMM content across 11 chapters and 68 modules, (plus a whole lot more), and get certified on your watch. No time restrictions. No limitations. Endless possibilities.