In this episode of Product Marketing Life, Collin goes to therapy. Well, sort of. Collin sat down with Maggie Bean, Co-Founder of Product Marketing Therapy. Collin and Maggie get personal, covering everything from anxiety and imposter syndrome to self care and finding community. 

Key takeaways

Get ready to dive into Maggie's world of product marketing passion! In this episode, we uncover:

  • The spark that ignited Maggie's desire to help product marketers thrive
  • The inside scoop on Product Marketing Therapy and how it's revolutionizing the field
  • The consistent challenges PMMs face, from Maggie's seasoned perspective
  • Maggie's first-hand experience navigating the turbulent waters of layoffs
  • Invaluable advice for PMMs to prioritize self-care and avoid burnout

But that's not all! Collin and Maggie also share their experiences from the Product Marketing Summit. 

Don't miss out on the buzz – find a Summit near you and get ready to be inspired!

About our guest

Maggie Bean, Co-Founder of Product Marketing Therapy

Maggie Bean is a Product Marketing Manager at SmartBear, a software company that provides tools to improve software quality and streamline processes for developers, testers, and operations engineers. 

She is also the Co-Founder of Product Marketing Therapy,  a monthly newsletter with personal narratives from product marketers like you. It is a place to share stories and connect with peers.

Maggie also hosts the New to Product Marketing podcast, which explores what new and aspiring product marketers need to know about launching a successful product marketing career.

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