State of Product Marketing 2021


The State of Product Marketing report is back for its third year and just like we promised, it's a real page-turning eye-opener 👀

Welcome to this year's installment of our annual exploration of the product marketing landscape. The State of Product Marketing 2021 follows the inaugural 2019 report and last year's equally popular edition, offering a granular deep dive into how the past 12 months have shaped life for PMMs around the globe.

In the State of Product Marketing 2020 report, we celebrated progress within the world of product marketing, as PMMs gained recognition and authority across their orgs.

But how are things shaping up this year?

Get stuck in and find out for yourself. 👇

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Inside, you'll find both quantitative and qualitative findings from our most recent State of Product Marketing Survey, alongside expert insights from a group of interviewees who very kindly allowed us to grill them on all things PMM.

Spanning various levels of seniority, experience, and product type, we’ve curated a diverse range of perspectives to provide you with a well-rounded overview of what the state of product marketing is right now. This includes a look into what the future might hold for the role and the wider industry.

All across more than 80 pages of insightful stats like:

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 42% of survey participants said there are 2-4 people within their team of PMMs.

🤯 Nearly 1 in 5 product marketers never speak to customers.

⚖️ 35% of PMMs support five or more products.

📈 15% of product marketing teams don’t have OKRs in place.

💸 Almost 4 in 10 PMMs said their function’s budget is allocated to upgrading its tools and software.

🤔 When asked if other teams and stakeholders within their org understood what product marketing does, only 4% of PMMs said they believed this to be totally true.

Here's what Lara McCaskill, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Homelight had to say about the report:

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Before we leave you to digest this feast of food for thought, here are a few words from Product Marketing Alliance Founder, Richard King: