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Uncover the tools of the trade with the PMM Tech Stack

Marketing Tools

Morrissey, frontman of the iconic band The Smiths, famously mused: “the devil will find work for idle hands to do.”

But let’s be honest, if product marketers have access to the tools they need in the first place, they needn’t sit twiddling their thumbs, right?

It’s a royal pain in the backside when you have a job to do but aren’t equipped with adequate resources to do what you’ve gotta do. So, we pitched in, got our hands dirty, and created the PMM Tech Stack, a directory designed to give PMMs access to an array of tools to complete tasks with aplomb.

The jack of all trades, master of - all of ‘em

Wanna know the beauty of product marketers? Every one of us is completely different; we have our traits, strengths, and weaknesses.

The world would be a boring place if we were all the same, and we’ve taken this philosophy into account when creating the PMM Tech Stack.

We never leave a product marketer in the lurch, so we’ve created a directory we’re sure covers all bases, with 14 core categories, and 200+ tools thrown into the mix. It’s a pretty amazing collection that’s been assembled.

And that’s not even the best part…

For PMMs, by PMMs

We’ve taken the time and effort to compile a list of resources recommended by product marketers with knowledge and experience within product marketing.

The PMM Tech Stack grants users the ability to pinpoint a wide variety of highly-specialized tools depending on their individual requirements, whilst gaining peace of mind the tools in the directory have received the thumbs up from 100s of experts.

Introducing your core categories

As we’ve proven, we never do things by halves (our State of Product Marketing Report 2020 will support our claims) when we commit to doing something, we do it right.

So, why break the habit of a lifetime? With the PMM Tech Stack, we’ve covered all bases, with a variety of search categories sure to meet the most niche requirements of product marketers.

From sales enablement to content opps and marketing, our all-encompassing resource is the epitome of diversity.

Feast your eyes on the areas we’ve got covered:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Sales enablement
  • Roadmapping
  • Collaboration
  • Project management
  • Customer experience and engagement
  • CRM
  • Messaging and onboarding
  • Customer and market research
  • Design
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting, analytics, and measurement
  • Content opps and marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Knowledgebase

Example software

With 200+ pieces of software included, we’ve been extremely thorough in giving product marketers access to the tools they need to thrive.

We know you haven’t got all day to sit and sift through every piece of software, so here are five examples of software from five different categories:

Wistia - Video marketing

Some of Wistia’s most popular features include customisation (of things like the play button) to ensure your branding’s reflected; interactive tools (like CTAs, email gates and annotation links); auto- playing the next video in line on your channel; and leads (from new subscribes, for example) are automatically sent to your CRM.

Sprinklr - Content opps and marketing

Sprinklr pulls in what customers are saying on social media platforms, messaging channels, blogs, forums, news and review sites, and then converts all that unstructured intel into actionable insights (using AI) so you can deliver personalised marketing, proactive care and amazing experiences.

Drift - Messaging and onboarding

Not into coding? Not a problem. Drift lets you build custom chatbot flows in minutes with no need for any coding, all so you can create personalised sales conversations and generate more qualified leads.

HubSpot - Email marketing

Where to start? It’s literally impossible to cover all bases, but here’s a very high-level overview of some of HubSpot’s most popular features:

• Marketing: create landing pages, personalised paths, SEO-optimised content strategies, and

drag-and-drop your way to smart and responsive templates.

• Sales: automate email campaigns and follow-ups, track deal statuses, and connect with your

market via live chat.

• Service: bring all your communication channels together (inbox, live chat, forms, Facebook and more) and create and monitor tickets.

Hotjar - Reports, analytics and measurement

With heatmaps, video recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, feedback polls and surveys, Hotjar creates just about an accurate picture as you can get in terms of visually understanding how customers move around your product.

How can PMMs contribute?

Recommend your favorite tool

If we may say so, we think we’ve done a pretty good job with the PMM Tech Stack; we’ve included a ton of tools in the directory for the product marketing community to use to their advantage.

Although there’s no such thing as perfection, we want to keep the ball rolling and add even more options to the directory, but we need your help to make sure we don’t leave anything behind. If you’re using a tool you can’t get enough that isn’t on our list, email caitlin@pmmalliance.com and we’ll be sure to pop it amongst the collection.

Unleash your creation

Have you worked day and night creating your tool, that’s finally ready to see the light of day?

The PMM Stack is the ideal platform to showcase your offering in front of 1,000s of PMMs searching for a solution to a problem.

Email caitlin@pmmalliance.com for information on how to get your product out of the shadows and into the spotlight of the PMM Tech Stack.

Submit a review for an existing tool

As is always the case when we put together a new tool, we haven’t done it to help ourselves, we’ve done it to help the product marketing community.

We want to make sure only the very best product marketing tools are being listed, so we’d be super-grateful if you could submit a review if you spot a tool you’ve used before.

Given the sheer amount we’ve already included, we’re putting our money on it you’ll be familiar with a fair few.

Submitting a review is a piece of cake:

  1. Click the logo of your chosen tool
  2. Log in to your PMA account
  3. Leave your comment in the public discussion

See! Easy as 1,2,3. Your review will not only help us refine our list, but you’ll also help fellow PMMs invest their money in the very best resources money can buy.

Written by:

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence is our Copywriter here at PMA who loves crafting content to keep readers informed, entertained, and enthralled. He's always open to feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you!

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Uncover the tools of the trade with the PMM Tech Stack