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How to use personalization tactics in your product marketing strategy

Incorporating personalization methods into your product marketing strategy doesn’t have to be extremely complicated and tech-heavy. There are plenty of approaches you can take that won’t drain your budget or take over your workload.

Using this approach can have a significant impact on reducing customer churn and increasing retention rates, as well as product sales. We’ll cover a variety of important points in this article.

Personalize your strategy

Which teams create sales enablement assets?

Sales enablement forms a critical part of product marketing, and the tools designed to enhance the process (i.e. sales enablement assets) play a fundamental role in supporting sales teams to convert prospects into customers.

In some cases, product creates sales enablement assets, in others, it’s the remit of customer success, while product marketing teams are often entrusted with the responsibility. But which teams are predominantly responsible for the creation of these materials? Find out in this article.

Improve your assets

How to create a product marketing framework

A product marketing strategy is a different beast from that of your traditional marketing or growth strategy.

If you take a more conventional marketing strategy framework, there’s usually a clearly defined business goal or objective at the end of it. For example, ‘Get to 30,000 paying subscribers by 2023’ or ‘Increase monthly recurring revenue by the end of the quarter’ - but coming up with a framework for product marketing is slightly trickier...

Learn the ropes

Vancery offers an all-in-one market research platform. Access your users, customers, or industry professionals via paid surveys, one-on-one, or group interviews, screen share, and direct messaging. Tools enable teams to gather data, identify trends, and gain contextual insights; all data, transcripts and videos can be archived and shared.

Check it out

Upcoming events

Product Marketing Trailblazers
Got an appetite for pioneering product marketing insights?

Join us December 1 & 2, as we host our latest in a string of events packed with intel sure to elevate your practice to greater heights.

With 25 awesome PMM innovators from the likes of Google, Miro, Square, MURAL, Google Cloud, SoundCloud set to take to the virtual stage, prepare to leave armed with plenty of insights.

Product Marketing Summit | London
In-person events are finally back. And it's our forte.

On November 26, 150+ PMMs will gather in London to share their product marketing strategies, experiences and challenges.

Featuring a speaker lineup of 20+ product marketing powerhouses from the likes of Expedia, Farfetch, Sage, and Facebook, this is a day not to be missed.

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  • Stephanie Perezo, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Contentful | How to scale messaging in five clicks

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Templates library

This month, we added two more templates to our collection of resources, exclusive to PMA members:

💡 CI for Marketing: Competitive positioning reference doc | Positioning

📊 OKRs canvas | Go-to-Market

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Senior Product Marketing Manager | Metadata | United States (remote)
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Lead Product Marketing Manager | Prisma | Remote
As Prisma's first product marketing hire, you will be the sole expert in this area. You will have strategic and hands-on responsibilities towards our Open Source, free and commercial offerings, with the aim of defining and executing on user acquisition and revenue generation strategies.

Product Marketing Manager | DonorDrive | Cincinnati (remote)
DonorDrive's PMM will help to turn product features into into meaningful client benefits, refine and manage the go-to-market strategy, execute product marketing initiatives, and to deliver against product KPIs. You will be a key link between Marketing, Product, Sales, Client Success, and Partner Management.

Global Head of Product Marketing | Eventbrite | San Francisco (remote)
As Head of Product Marketing, you will partner closely with the product, insights, and content teams to create and refine Eventbrite’s overall messaging and positioning, inform product roadmap, and the strategy for how they take those products to market.

Product Marketing Manager | 0x Labs | San Francisco (remote)
You'll play a key role in telling the story of 0x API as the team defines the category of professional-grade APIs to access decentralized exchange liquidity. You'll craft a vision and execute the marketing strategy for 0x API to be the go-to endpoint for enabling exchange within products across the crypto ecosystem.

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