2020 Product Marketing Salary Survey | Europe results

PMMs from Europe made up one of our largest cohorts of respondents so we thought it was only fitting to do a version of the Product Marketing Salary Survey converted into Euros for our European friends.

Here are a few facts from our European results:

🇫🇷 PMMs in France earn the most out of all the European countries, followed by Switzerland and then Denmark in third place. The United Kingdom just missed out on being in the top five countries and came in at number six.  

⚖️ There are still many more PMMs working in the B2B space than in the B2C space, however, it’s PMMs that serve both types of customers that earn slightly more on average.

😬 There’s still a significant gender pay gap in the world of product marketing with men being paid over €16,000 more per year on average than women.

The value of the report

This report really does provide a very comprehensive view of the continent in terms of PMM average pay, with respondents from Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Russia, Greece, Denmark and the United Kingdom to name but a few.

The aim of this report is to empower the PMMs who read it with the knowledge to create a lucrative and fulfilling career within product marketing. It’ll show you where on the map you could earn the most, how much you could expect to jump in salary when you get promoted and, importantly, how you compare to your peers. Year-on-year we’re dedicated to creating the world’s leading repository of information on PMMs career paths, salaries and job satisfaction.

Added to that, we’ve provided a very handy calculator so you can compare your exact salary to others in your job role and region.

Hungry for more?

We’ve a whole host of exclusive reports that paint a very precise picture of Product Marketing, including The State of Product Marketing Report, which delves specifically into the responsibilities and structure of the role, and Product Marketing perceptions among the C-suite which, as the name suggests, takes a closer look at how the PMM function interacts with company leadership.

And it’s never too early to contribute to our next survey. If you have any ideas on what we should include let us know at this email address: bryony@pmmalliance.com.