2020 Product Marketing Salary Survey | Global results

Last year’s survey was the first of its kind and we knew we had to carry on the good work to see how this year compared with 2019 and find out exactly what was going on when it came to product marketing and pay.

We caught up with product marketers from every corner of the globe and in an incredibly diverse range of industries to find out the things that really matter, like how satisfied they are with their salary, how supported they feel by company leadership and of course, how much they are actually paid in comparison to others.

Here are a few facts from our global results:

🤑 Once again it’s product marketers in North America who can expect to earn the most out of all the regions in the world when it comes to baseline salary and total compensation.

📈 You can expect a huge pay jump between the titles of Director of Product Marketing and VP of Product Marketing with an average difference in salary of over $30,000.

💪 PMMs who believe they have strong leadership support for their role earn on average $8,000 more than the ones that didn’t.

Who did you speak to?

A hugely diverse number of PMMs! We had respondents from Belarus, Sweden, Nigeria, South Africa, the US and the United Kingdom to name but a few. Inevitably, some countries were better represented than others and most of the respondents did hail from North America and Europe.

The value of the report

We’re confident everyone who reads the survey will find great value in what they learn and we hope that once you’re done you can take those learnings and apply them to the betterment of your own career.

For example, these results will be particularly useful for any PMM who’s considering a move to a different state or country, as they’ll be able to see what they can expect to be paid in that particular region. It’ll also help outline the possible trajectory of your career within the PMM space. If you’re torn between staying at your current company and progressing up the ranks or leaving for a new role in the B2B space, you can use the results as a guide to see where each decision could take you when it comes to money.

And let’s be frank, negotiating salary is a skill in itself and one that every ambitious PMM should familiarize themselves with to make sure they’re compensated fairly. Hopefully, you can find the supporting data you need to negotiate the best salary possible, especially if you’re a woman in PMM or if you live in a region where the average PMM in your role is paid more than you are.

Added to that, we’ve provided a very handy calculator so you can compare your exact salary to others in your job role and region.

Will you run the survey again next year?

Absolutely. We’re committed to creating the best resource of salary and job information for product marketing available anywhere and comparing year-on-year results is an important part of that. It’s never too early to contribute so if you have any ideas for our next survey let us know at this email address: bryony@pmmalliance.com.

Hungry for more?

We’ve a whole host of exclusive reports that paint a very precise picture of product marketing, including the State of Product Marketing Report, which delves specifically into the responsibilities and structure of the role, and Product Marketing perceptions among the C-suite which, as the name suggests, takes a closer look at how the PMM function interacts with company leadership.