My name is Asaf, I'm 34 years old and based in Tel Aviv. I started my journey in PR as a spokesperson. After a while, I decided to try a different angle and became a product manager.

After a few years, I got this opportunity to become a PMM which I'm incredibly grateful for. It suited everything I love to do while reinforcing the skills I've learned in PR or product.

At Wix, we began our rebranding journey back in 2017 in an attempt to bring more developers to our platform in the face of a perception problem. The new brand we came up with was called Corvid.

In this article, I’ll be discussing our entire rebranding process, including:

The evolution of Velo by Wix

For people not familiar with Wix, it’s a very comprehensive website builder platform that allows people from all around the world to create professional websites and web applications using simple drag and drop elements.

The way you customize these websites or web applications and give them more functionality and customization is with Velo. It's actually our Dev mode, which allows developers to add JavaScript, full-stack, and create the functionality and interactivity they want to add to their website. I will show you later a little bit how it looks.

Dev audience

The interesting thing about Velo and Wix is, first, that we deal with different types of products and audiences.