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Developers are a varied group, but they have one thing in common- they know what they want. They're comfortable with their own tools, and it's a challenge to break into the market. That's why capitalizing on user intent is essential to succeeding in this kind of marketing.

In this talk, we'll discuss how to capture user intent and translate it into actual KPIs and actions. We will share the story of Velo by Wix as a brand and methods used to reach the target audience.

About the speaker

Asaf is the Product Marketing Manager of Velo by Wix. A Full-stack platform that empowers developers to build web apps smarter and faster using code on Wix.

A decade of experience in the digital realm of Product, UX design and Marketing, brought Asaf to join Wix to show the story of Velo, on-boarding new users and making sure they will come back.

He lives in Tel Aviv, loves to create music in his home studio, and cooks. He’s obsessed with user interfaces, user experience, data and storytelling.

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