Product marketing practices such as value propositions, product messaging, and Go-to-Market strategies, are all completed with one eye on executing the perfect product launch.

However, whilst there’s been a string of memorable launches interspersed throughout the years, there’s been no shortage of truly forgettable launches companies would rather forget.

Gayathri Krishnamurthy, AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral, is a product marketer with plenty of experience in bringing products to market, and in this episode of the Product Marketing Insider podcast, she shares her expertise on how to plan the perfect product launch.

A little bit about Gayathri

Gayathri is a product marketing and product management leader with extensive experience in B2B and SaaS markets.

A practitioner with 20 years of experience in the software industry, Gayathri has occupied a variety of leading roles across multiple areas of business. These include product management, product marketing, corporate strategy, business development and software development.

During her prestigious career, Gayathri has developed a blend of technical and business skills, and effective communication, and has worked extensively with the C-suite.

Key talking points

In this podcast, we focus on a number of key discussion points, including:

  • What product launches look like at RingCentral
  • Key ingredients for a successful product launch
  • How to get salespeople excited about your launch
  • The best way to market a new product feature
  • How product marketers can conduct an effective product segmentation to cater to different customer categories
  • How companies can mitigate risks when venturing into international markets
  • The most pioneering product launch Gayathri’s been a part of, and key lessons she learned from the campaign
  • Gayathri’s golden tip for product marketers when creating personas for their next product

So, get yourself comfortable, crank up the volume, and brace yourself for indispensable advice from a product marketer that's mastered the delicate art of product launches.