Summer is well underway, which means one thing…

The Product Marketing Awards 2022 are almost upon us!

That’s right - this September, the 4th edition of our celebration of PMM innovation and talent will be taking place, and we need your nominations to make it a ceremony to remember.

Wanna nominate your kick-ass team? Go ahead! Wanna pat yourself on the back? Knock yourself out! We’ve got a whole bunch of exciting categories to choose from:

  • Product Marketing Leader of the Year
  • Product Marketing Team of the Year
  • Product Marketing MVP of the Year
  • Product Marketing Newcomer of the Year
  • Positioning & Messaging Maestro of the Year
  • Product Launch of the Year
  • Top Companies to Work in Product Marketing

Key dates

  • 💌 Nomination deadline: August 19th
  • 🌟 Shortlist announced: w/c August 29th (in-person at our San Francisco Summit and virtually)
  • 🏆 Winners announced: w/c September 19th (virtually)

2022 award categories

Product Marketing Leader of the Year

Awesome product marketing leaders don’t grow on trees; it’s no mean feat stepping up to the plate, running a team, and achieving results!

This award will pay homage to a product marketer who has led their team with aplomb in 2022. We wanna hear about leaders who care about their teams and customers in equal measure, whilst managing to get the job done!

Got someone in mind?

Product Marketing Team of the Year

Are you part of a team that continues to set the standard when it comes to product marketing?

Do you know a PMM team that’s committed, gives each other unwavering support and continues to set the bar? Give them the kudos they deserve and help them get their 15-minutes of fame!

It’s the least they deserve.

Product Marketing MVP of the Year

Have you encountered a product marketer who took your breath away in the past 12 months? Someone who has been heads and shoulders above the rest? A true MVP?

If this sounds like someone you know, we’re always keen to hear about elite product marketing talent, and would love to give them recognition for their achievements!

Product Marketing Newcomer of the Year

With an influx of new talent entering the world of product marketing, we wanna hear about the new kid on the block that’s taken to the profession like a duck to water and shown signs that they’re a true star in the making.

Do you know that certain someone we ought to be keeping an eye on?

Positioning & Messaging Maestro of the Year

92.6% of respondents in the State of Product Marketing Report 2022 said product positioning and messaging are part of their role.

But we wanna know which product marketer is the crème de la crème of positioning and messaging - it’s by no means a piece of cake, so shout from the rooftops and get their name heard!

Product Launch of the Year

Every product marketer will agree when we say coordinating a product launch is tough. It takes copious amounts of time, effort, and resources to get your product from the ideation phase to the open market.

Know someone who hit a home run with a recent product launch? Perhaps you’ve worked on a team that’s launched a product with flying colors?

Either way, don’t be shy!

Top Companies to Work in Product Marketing

We’re thrilled to see that more companies are jumping on the product marketing bandwagon and setting up teams.

But some put in work to make their teams feel extra special offering unrivaled perks, establishing flawless work cultures, and introducing exciting career development opportunities.

Sound like your company? Repay the faith.

The judging criteria

What we wanna see in the lucky winners of these awesome awards:

  • Product marketing aficionados who are transforming the industry for the greater good;
  • Demonstrable facts and figures to highlight exactly how a difference is being made, whether it’s revenue, deals closed, lead-gen, stronger processes, or setting other teams up for success;
  • Testimonials from at least one member of your team, or if you’re nominating someone else, one of their colleagues - the more backing you/they receive, the greater the chance of success!
  • Absolutely anything else that might make you or the person you’re nominating stand out from the crowd and make us take notice.

And that’s all, folks! We’ve nothing else to say, other than - “good luck!”

Product Marketing Awards 2021: the winners
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