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Product Marketing Questions Week #11

Product Marketing | Trending Questions

This week’s round-up touches on the sometimes contentious topic of KPIs, concerns around the quality of partner leads, launch checklists, ideas on how to measure the effectiveness of content, and release inspiration for B2B customers.

As always, there were a whole load more conversations going off in Slack, but these are just five of our favourites.

Q. I've been asked to track a weekly KPI for my job. What might you suggest here that might move from week to week? About 1/4 - 1/3 of my job is in sales enablement, 1/3 is review site management, and the rest is product promotion.

Although the common consensus is KPIs just don’t really work in the PMM world, this is a great issue to raise as we’re all too aware not all stakeholders ‘get’ it.

Here were some ideas that came through on PMA Slack:

  • Subscriptions to release notes
  • One of the conversion rates for sales enablement
  • In-product campaign results (like clicks, new feature uptake, etc.)
  • Feedback sentiment on review sites (in relation to major themes, like product, pricing, onboarding, etc.)
  • Trello to track deliverables
  • Surveys around your sales teams’ confidence.

We’re really keen to know everyone’s thoughts on KPIs in product marketing, so let us know yours in the comments at the end!

Q. Does anyone have any advice on how to motivate partner sales teams to send better quality leads? The partnership is a lead-gen relationship but their sales team seem to be "sending" leads because they're just told to do so. There's not much incentive for them, only comp on sign-ups.

There are three steps that should help with this one:

Step #1: set some super strict and clear criteria so they know exactly what you’re after and can very quickly cross-check the criteria against the lead before passing it on.

Step #2: reject any leads that don’t meet your requirements and make sure they know about it by feeding back on the why.

Step #3: consider upping the ante. If you add an extra incentive, odds are, they’ll put more effort into giving you what you want.

Q. How do you go about measuring the effectiveness of your content - both tactically and strategically?

There are quite a few ways you can go about this and in some cases, the metric you measure will depend on the type of content you create - i.e. is it a top-of-the-funnel, relationship-building blog post? An SEO-lead article? A free guide? And so on.

Here are a few pretty common performance-based numbers to look at though:

  • Organic rankings for certain keywords and terms.

  • Overall page views, paying attention to where the traffic comes from - email, social, organic, PPC, etc.

  • Engagement. Do people click on your content and then shoot straight back out after 10 seconds? Or do they hang around for a meaningful amount of time and then go check out a few more pages?

  • Conversions. If you set up goals in Google Analytics you can see how many people reading your content then go on to immediately buy a product, subscribe to your newsletter, sign-up to your next webinar, or register for an event, for example.

  • Interaction. If you’ve got a comment/reaction feature at the foot of your content or you share it on social, you could monitor which pieces get more (positive) engagement.

  • Returning visitors. If someone’s been on your website, left, then come back for more, it’s a good sign you’re offering genuinely valuable content - after all, no-one goes back to a naff site, do they?

Q. I’d love to hear how many of you are communicating new product releases/updates to your customers...especially in a B2B context.

Some of the tried and tested tactics given in Slack include:

  • Bi-weekly release notes,
  • Monthly newsletters with a round-up of that period’s key releases,
  • A ‘What’s New’ widget in-product, and
  • In-app notifications.

Q. What tools do people use for product launch checklists? I’m currently setting up a workflow for product launches and am looking for a simple-to-use tool, nothing too highly sophisticated.

Some fellow PMMs recommended:

  • Trello
  • Coda
  • Asana
  • Google Sheets
  • Confluence
  • Monday
  • Paymo
  • Airtable.

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Written by:

Richard King

Richard King

Founder, Product Marketing Alliance

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Product Marketing Questions Week #11