It’s that time again. In this week’s round-up we’ve tackled everything from how to migrate customers to new product versions, email solution recommendations, ideas to get more survey responses, questions to include in customer-partner satisfaction surveys, with a few B2B SaaS sales one-pager examples thrown in, too.

Q: We are migrating a few dozen customers from a 1.0 to 2.0 product version (SaaS) and I’m helping to prepare resources for those customers to answer FAQs. Based on your experience, what information do customers need to know ahead of the migration?

A: A lot of this will depend on the scale of the change but some relatively staple things to consider include:

  • A breakdown of what’s changing and how it’ll impact their experience - plus why you’re doing it. People can be adverse to change so explaining the rationale and benefits should hopefully appease those that are.

  • How-to guides - video and/or written. If done right, these can reduce the volume of queries post-migration.

  • Who to go to. In an ideal world, no-one will have any problems but if they do it’s important they know who to turn to for help right away, this will eliminate any feelings of frustration.

This next one’s not exactly something you need to include in your resources, but it’s worth having a plan of action in place for customers who oppose the new version and are at risk of churning. Could a more specific adoption campaign convert them? Do they need more one-on-one time? And if so, will you be able to give it to them? All things worth considering.

Q: What email solutions do people use?

A: Hoorah, we can finally point these kinds of questions to our brand spanking new Product Marketing Tools of Choice report!

For a super quick answer though, on Slack, people put forward HubSpot, Autopilot, Zoho, Pardot and Outfunnel.

Q: My team recently pushed out a survey to our target audience to better understand their pain points and ultimately share it as an annual trend report for the industry. We got under 100 responses (not our ideal #) over about 1.5 months and used social, ads, and in-house lists with emails. Does anyone have experience in this and tips to help us improve in the future?

A: Here’s our two pennies’ worth:

  • In the email, ad or post itself, make sure you let people know what to expect - i.e. “it’ll only take three minutes to complete.” If they know in advance it’s not going to eat into their time too much it might make them more likely to take that next step - just make sure you don’t fib, that’ll only increase your dropout rate.

  • Especially on social and with your ads, experiment with your text and imagery. You’re competing with a lot of other realtor space out there and if you don’t stand out, there’s a good chance you’re not even getting noticed in the first place.

  • Consider attaching an incentive - for example, $25 for everyone who completes the survey or the chance to win $250. Usually, the former will be more effective as there’s a guarantee in it for people.

  • If you didn’t already, how about adding a lightbox to your website? Odds are, the people who land on your site are your target audience and there’s no chance of them not seeing it.

  • Although it’ll rely on more manpower, another tactic could be to jump on the phone or if you host events, send people with the dedicated task of getting attendees to answer your questions there and then.

  • Finally, if you’re still not having much luck yourself and you’ve got the budget to, it might be worth outsourcing the job to a third-party company.

Q: Has anyone produced a survey around measuring customer satisfaction with partners and if so, can you share your template questions?

A: Here are a few ideas from us:

  1. On a scale of one to 10, how satisfied are you with the service you receive from our partners?
  2. How could our partners improve?
  3. Are there any other partners you’d like to see on our panel?
  4. Would you say you’re happy with the content you receive from our partners? Please explain the reasoning behind your answer.
  5. How would you rate the pricing of our partners?
  6. What are the main reasons you took out our partners’ services?
  7. Where do you get the most value out of our partners’ services?
  8. Would you recommend our partners to others?

Q: Does anyone have a good example of a B2B SaaS one-pager?

A: Here are a few pretty smart samples we found online:

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