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Product Marketing Questions Week #7

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We’ve got a really diverse bunch of questions this week so we’re almost certain there’ll be a bit of something for everyone! Some of the highlights are tips on how to better your email deliverability, pointers to improve third-party reviews and some of the top online copywriting courses around.

Got a question you need answering? Either pop it in the comments below, or head over to our slack community for real-time responses from fellow product marketers.

Q: Does anybody have any experience in pricing, particularly price elasticity of demand planning? Pointers to any online resources would be greatly appreciated.

A: It depends what exactly you’re after really, but we did a bit of digging and found this guide which covers everything from what it is and how to calculate it to how to increase demand and prices in super simple terms. If you’re a beginner, it’s a great resource to introduce you to it all.

Q: I’m looking for a strong, fundamental resource to understand email deliverability and spam filters. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A: This article on 12 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability was recommended by one of our PMAers, and here are a few resources we found ourselves:

Q: I’m looking to evolve my buyer personas. Does anybody have any examples that have worked well or received good feedback?

A: The Jobs to be Done (JBTD) framework was well rated in Slack and is advocated by the likes of Intercom - you can read about it on their site here.

In one sentence, you could sum the concept up as “Upgrade your user, not your product. Don’t build better cameras - build better photographers.”

Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

A: There are a few different things you could try to give your numbers a boost:

  1. Change the type of incentive. For example, if you’re currently offering a $20 voucher for money-off your products, switch it to a $20 for something like Amazon where they can spend it on what they want.
  2. Up the value of the incentive - i.e. go up to $30 (if your budget allows it).
  3. Ask for the review at the point the customer’s happiest instead of random newsletters and emails. Usually, this is post-sale or onboarding or after a positive experience - like winning a competition you’re running or cashing in on their referral bonus.
  4. If none of the above work, it might be worth coughing up and paying the sites you mentioned to collect more reviews on your behalf.

Q: Does anyone have good benchmarks on app download -> registration? Or app download -> installation? I’d love to get a good idea on any funnel metrics in the app world.

A: Localytics’ 2018 Mobile Benchmark Report has lots of great stats around the loyalty and advocacy stage of the funnel:

And there are lots of good app stats here, too.

Q: Can anyone recommend and/or know of any workshops that focus on product marketing "style" copywriting?

A: Here are a couple that have been recommended by fellow PMAers:

And here are some well-reviewed courses and resources we found around the web:

Don’t be put off by any of the ones that lead with ‘becoming a freelance copywriter’, they’re still relevant. The skills are interchangeable and they’re all tools definitely worth having in your box. And finally, here are 11 completely free copywriting tips from us.

Q: Does anyone have any recommendations for vendors who do in-platform messages and notifications for end-users?

A: Quite a few recommendations came in on Slack:

Want more? Head over to our Product Marketing Tools of Choice report for the most comprehensive list of tried and tested product marketing tools to-date.

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Bryony Pearce

Bryony Pearce

Bryony's the CMO for Product Marketing Alliance. She's been with the company since day dot and leads our marketing, courses, content, community, and customer success teams

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Product Marketing Questions Week #7