Product marketers are often tasked with building a winning competitive enablement program.

But how can you build a program that wins if you don’t know what the entire company (and execs!) expect from your competitive efforts?

That’s why our friends at Klue talked to 550+ Product Marketers, Competitive Intelligence practitioners, execs, and sales leaders in order to find out what stakeholders actually want from their competitive enablement programs.

You’ll get the feedback you need to improve the impact that your competitive program has across the organization.

Klue have compiled everything you need to know into 41 pages of insights, answering questions like:

  • Why 80% of salespeople are doing their own independent competitive research
  • The greatest benefits the C-Suite expects from your program
  • How high-growth companies are scaling their competitive enablement programs
  • Where competitive programs can improve their maturity

Consider this your cheat-sheet for building a program that crushes your competition.

Oh, you’ll also get first-hand insights from leaders at high-growth companies like Slack, Salesforce, and Hootsuite.

Download the report today 👇🏻