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The lines are often blurred when Customer Success and Product Marketing teams collaborate. In this session, Priscilla will discuss how the two functions can work together to increase customer satisfaction and product usage.

The talk will outline 7 key steps to building a successful cross-channel marketing strategy — from building its structure, tracking marketing & product success, to messaging & positioning strategies. Additionally, we’ll take a deeper look at lessons from how my product marketing team worked with customer success managers to increase retention rates and product adoption in a joint project.

Key takeaways:

  • Tips to structure collaborations between Customer & Product Marketing
  • How to build a holistic tracking dashboard for product, customer & marketing success
  • Adopting your content to unique marketing channels
  • Using cross-functional teams to increase retention rates & performance goals

About the speaker

Priscilla Tenggara is a Product Marketing Manager based in Berlin. Currently, she focuses on go-to-market strategies, product positioning and cross-functional collaboration across North America and Europe at Sellics — the leading Amazon growth software used by thousands of brands and agencies.

Before moving to Germany, she spent time bouncing between tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Austin, Chicago, Madrid and Hong Kong. Her experience working at large technology corporations and fast-growing startups have led to diverse focuses and achievements within product and digital marketing.

Outside of work, Priscilla is the founder of the Indonesian Professionals Association Germany and works closely with leaders & institutions to promote business and investment opportunities amongst Indonesians overseas.

Watch this OnDemand

Meet your host

Nupur Vilas Bhade, Sr. Group Manager, Platform & Solutions @ Twilio Inc.

Nupur is a Sr. Group Manager, Product Marketing at Twilio. She's done product marketing for AdTech, HRTech, and PaaS companies. She currently leads Product Marketing for the Developer Experience and Consumer Trust business units at Twilio.

Her PMM path is unique - she holds a bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a masters in management from Dartmouth College. When she's not in the office, she's spreading the Twilio magic at events and conferences.

Follow her on Twitter: @nupur_vbhade.