In this episode of Product Marketing Maestros, guest Amit Alagh, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LexisNexis, discusses the importance of collaboration between product management and product marketing.

Key takeaways

  1. Importance of collaboration: The episode underscores the critical importance of collaboration between product management and product marketing. Amit's experience highlights how alignment between these functions is essential for successful product launches and overall organizational success.
  2. Template for transparency: Amit's creation of a template with essential questions for product teams to answer before a launch serves as a practical solution to improve transparency and alignment. This template not only facilitated smoother launch processes but also strengthened relationships within the organization.
  3. Emphasis on mentorship and support: Amit's commitment to supporting others in the product marketing community reflects the value of mentorship and peer collaboration. By offering assistance and guidance, Amit embodies the principle of "rising by lifting others," contributing to a more robust and interconnected professional network.

About our guest

Amit Alagh, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LexisNexis

A nearly 20-year award-winning B2B marketing and product management veteran, Amit Alagh devises strategic commercial plans that boost profits and customer loyalty year-over-year.

As the first international hire at LexisNexis Intellectual Property, he specializes in elevating market position and revenue for IP SaaS products through stringent market research, influencing company goals, and leading data initiatives.

Throughout his career, Amit has been an ambassador for best practices, operational improvement, and leveraging academic knowledge and diverse experience in marketing, project management, technology, legislation, and business administration.

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