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I started my career as a quota-carrying sales rep, and like many PMMs, I fell into product marketing. But when I say “fell,” I quite literally mean fell.

Back in BC – before COVID – I was in the office kitchen, and my phone rang. I had finally gotten in touch with the CMO that I had been going after. I turned around and started running to my desk, and ran straight into someone else – the Director of Product Marketing.

As an apology, I took him out to coffee, and our friendship began. That's how I realized that I was in the wrong career; everything he said about what he does day to day was exactly what I wanted to do, so I started transitioning into product marketing.

From there, I became a solo PMM in a product organization. As you can imagine, half of my days were spent trying to explain to my boss that I was not a product manager and that my job was to write user stories and build product messaging and positioning, and that, no, those aren't the same thing.

Now, I lead product marketing for Rev’s developer platform, and I am full stack if you will. I deal with everything from Go-to-Market strategy to sales enablement to competitive and market intelligence. Today, when I talk about enablement, it's from the lens of both a rep and a product marketer.

I’m going to address a few areas of discussion, including:

  • The challenges of sales enablement for product marketers
  • Why most enablement misses the mark
  • How to know your seller personas
  • Enablement versus execution
  • The three Rs framework for success