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The art of positioning


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With so many changes in the world, marketers need to cut through the noise with compelling messaging that creates a unique place in the customer's mind.

The art of positioning presents a unique way of messaging based on fundamentals adapted to an ever-evolving and changing market.

Join this PMMnow session as we cover:

✅ Assessing your position amongst your competitors to guide your growth strategy
✅ Adapting your messaging strategy within a dynamic, fast-moving market
✅ How Salesforce is strategically positioned that has ultimately lead to its success

About the speaker

Carrie Smith leads product GTM at Salesforce, including adoption, and thought leadership across internal stakeholders. Her background is in B2B tech, where she has focused on technical product marketing, sales enablement, adoption, and product messaging.

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  • Why positioning is so important
  • The ins and outs of strategic positioning
  • How to position for growth
  • The role of teamwork when positioning your product
  • The correlation between positioning and cross-functional areas

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The art of positioning