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Value propositions that sell


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In my honest opinion, most value propositions out there suck, and in this article, I’ll tell you why that’s the case, where and why companies go wrong, and how to get value propositions right.

I’ll share a case study from my own experience crafting a differentiated value proposition at my organization, taking you through how we approached it step by step, as an indicative example for you to take back to your own workplaces.

My name's Abdul Rastagar and I want to talk about value propositions because I think most value propositions out there suck, they really do.

I feel that way because, for the most part, we write them from our perspective with our business objectives in mind, rather than really think about the customer and why they're looking for a product or solution in the first place.

We end up talking about features and functionalities and tech talk and all these fancy bells and whistles. The customer really, at the end of the day just wants to solve their problem.

The agenda

This is a problem that I came across a lot in the past and I developed this structured methodology for myself that helped me guide myself through that process as we were launching products to the market. That's what I want to share with you today.

Written by:

Abdul Rastagar

Abdul Rastagar

I’m a B2B and technology marketer, fierce customer advocate, digital and future enthusiast, and all-around curious guy. Connect with me www.linkedin.com/in/rastagar.

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Value propositions that sell