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“The best thing that’s happened on my PMM journey” – PMM Scholar Program with Gbemileke Ojeniran

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Gbemileke Ojeniran is an aspiring product marketer who recently completed the PMM Scholar Program intending to expand her knowledge in the field and open up more doors in her career. 

We reached out to Gbemileke about her experience with the program to understand a bit more about: 

How did you find out about the PMM Scholar Program and what was your motivation for enrolling?

I found out about PMA’s Scholar Program on LinkedIn through a formal scholar. I was really keen to deepen my knowledge of product marketing and to have access to a diverse network of marketers – that was my main motivation for enrolling.

What did you enjoy most about the PMM Scholar Program?

The thing I enjoyed most was the weekly sessions. I love how Div Manickam* takes us on a journey. Plus, I love how easily accessible our program directors were to contact – Sophie Bass and Div Manickam – they were always there for us in case of any difficulties.

*Div Manickam is the instructor for the PMM Scholar Program. She has vast experience in the field of product marketing and is a mentor to those looking to start in the industry. 

What type of resources/activities have you found the most helpful?

The most useful topic for me was the one on sales enablement.

The resources and activities I found most helpful were the meetups, weekly newsletters by Richard King (CEO of Product Marketing Alliance), and the practical coursework. I also love the TedX clips that are always shared during each session throughout the program. 

How have you utilized the resources or your learnings in your work?

I am still job hunting, but I have utilized it in my interviews and assessments. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained actually helped during a recent interview! Everything I was asked was from my learnings during the scholar program.

Has this program helped you to network? If so, how, and have you built any new connections?

Yes, it has. I have made a few connections on LinkedIn who are alumni. Also made a few product marketing friends in my cohort.

How do you see the value of this program in comparison to other professional programs you're part of?

The Product Marketing Alliance PMM Scholar Program is more spelled out and well-analyzed. It did not seem rushed either.

What would you say to fellow PMMs considering enrolling in PMA’s PMM scholar program?

Please give it your all to get in! It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me in this product marketing journey

Take your coursework seriously – it’s there to help you advance your knowledge, attend weekly live sessions, contribute during breakout sessions, and start your coursework early. Remember, you don’t have all the time you think you have.

Apply to be in our next cohort!

Twice a year, we open the doors to 25 new or aspiring product marketers and put them through a part-time, 12-week program. By the end, you’ll have all the knowledge, tools, and training needed to start a successful career in product marketing.

But it doesn’t stop there. By being part of our Scholar Program, you’ll automatically be put in front of leading hiring companies, primed to kickstart your career in style.

What you get when you’re accepted: 

🔖 Product marketing certification (providing you pass the exams)

👩‍💻 Live, weekly workshops with industry leaders

✅ Marked, practical tasks to test your learning

👣 A platform to build your personal portfolio

🌎 Exposure to some of the world’s biggest brands

🔥 Official accreditation from the industry’s go-to association (aka, us!)

🆓 All of the above for free (worth $3,500 RRP)

Written by:

Charley Gale

Charley Gale

Charley is the Content Lead at Product Marketing Alliance. She has a passion for creating new content for the community. She's always open to new ideas, so would love to hear from you!

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“The best thing that’s happened on my PMM journey” – PMM Scholar Program with Gbemileke Ojeniran